Fatigue Management Policy



Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada is committed to providing a safe work system and a safe and productive workplace by eliminating conditions and work practices that could lead to personal injury, equipment and other property damage.

Fatigue can impair fitness to work and may have negative impacts in the areas of Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE).  Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada’s objective is that all employees recognize this threat and manage and minimize the associated risks.

In support of Fatigue Management Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada is will:

  • Create a safe working environment by managing the risks associated with fatigue using a validated risk model in combination with other outcome measures, such as accidents and injuries, regularly review the results, and then take actions to reduce the risks.
  • Strive to ensure off-duty time is sufficient to achieve eight hours of continuous sleep.
  • Identify and manage work-related fatigue issues.
  • Manage fairly and constructively people who are deemed unfit for work as a result of fatigue.
  • Manage training and education related to fatigue management.

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