Progressive Disciplinary Policy



This safety enforcement policy provides guidelines for the reprimand of a worker who does not comply with company safety policies and/or applicable government acts and regulations. A Supervisor, member of Management or member of the Safety Division can initiate the disciplinary action on a job site. Disciplinary actions are to be used to prevent a safety violation from recurring.

The following disciplinary actions are listed from minor to severe, and in the order that they would be used. If a verbal warning is issued to the non-compliant worker and the safety violation is not corrected, the supervisor should follow through with a written warning.

  • Verbal Warning - The worker will be informed of a minor safety violation (i.e. not wearing the required PPE) and that a written warning will be issued if the offence is not corrected or is repeated.
  • Written Warning - The worker will be informed of a potential serious safety violation or repeated offenses of a minor safety violation in the form of a memo. Also, a verbal warning will be issued to the worker that a more severe action will be taken if the violation is ignored or repeated.
  • Discharge - This action will be used only for very serious safety violations or where the worker refuses to follow and obey safety This action is the final step and good judgment should be used when administering this action. An automatic discharge will be issued for any drug or alcohol offence. Drugs or alcohol will not be permitted in the workplace. Impairment by illegal drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Workers who fail to notify their supervisor of prescription drug use which may impair their judgment or physical skills will be considered for discharge. Any worker arriving to work impaired by drugs or alcohol will be immediately discharged.

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