Incident Investigation Policy



It is the policy of Rohde & Liesenfeld to have all incidents that result in injury or damage, workplace injury, workplace illness, near miss or that could have the potential to result in injury or damage reported, documented and thoroughly investigation in a prompt timely manner.  This Includes incidents and near misses involving direct hire and subcontractor personnel. The purpose of such investigations shall be  to document the root and underlying causes, so that appropriate action can be identified and implemented to prevent recurrences. Incidents owned by subcontractors will have a joint team Investigations with subcontractor supervision and HSE and Rohde & Liesenfeld Supervision and HSE.

Minor incidents and near misses should be viewed as opportunities to make improvements to Rohde & Liesenfeld’s overall safety process. Employees shall be encouraged report all incidents and near misses so that corrective action can be taken.

Investigation are conducted with the goal of solving problem and reducing the likelihood of recurrence and are not designed to affix blame. If incidents are not reported and investigated, nothing is learned and corrective action cannot be implemented, leaving potential for future injury or loss. 

  1. Roles and Responsibilities

All incidents and injuries, regardless of how slight, must be immediately reported to management to ensure adequate follow up of events.

Workers shall:

  • Immediately report all incidents (near misses and work refusal)  or injuries to direct supervisor
  • Cooperate in the incident investigation process including but not limited to, witness statements, post incident testing, completing related incident reports as required, and/or seeking medical attention in case of personal injury

Supervisors shall:

  • Ensure no further damage to property or personnel
  • Communicate the incident to management
  • In the event of a motor vehicle incident, RCMP must be contacted if: any injuries are sustained, involves an impaired driver, the vehicle requires towing, damage to the vehicle is excess of $2000.00 or an animal was involved
  • Complete an incident investigation report, include details of the incident, persons involved, contributing factors, and suggested corrective actions
  • Accompany any individual to a medical facility when required Management shall:
  • Support the incident investigation and reporting process
  • Review incident investigation reports and ensure that the Rohde & Liesenfeld process is followed
  • Support corrective actions identified in incident investigations
  • Maintain the incident reporting and investigation policy
  • Participate in the investigation process when required
  • Facilitate communication of critical or significant incidents or preventable action within the company
  1. Reporting Requirements

Upon an incident occurring, the incident must be reported immediately to supervisor or designate. A report must be completed and submitted to management using the incident investigation report within 48 hours of incident occurrence.

As per OH&S Act:
Serious injuries and accidents
18(1) If an injury or accident described in subsection (2) occurs at a work site, the prime contractor or, if there is no prime contractor, the contractor or employer responsible for that work site shall notify a Director of Inspection of the time, place and nature of the injury or accident as soon as possible.

  1. The injuries and accidents to be reported under subsection (1) are
    1. an injury or accident that results in death,
    2. an injury or accident that results in a worker’s being admitted to a hospital for more than 2 days
    3. an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood that causes a serious injury or that has the potential of causing a serious injury,
    4. the collapse or upset of a crane, derrick or hoist, or
    5. the collapse or failure of any component of a building or structure necessary for the structural integrity of the building or structure.

 Notification to the local police if a vehicle collision results in: Personal injury, If one or more vehicle is not drivable, If the total damage to all the vehicle and property appears to be more than $2000.00, and If anyone involved does not have proper documentation such as a valid drivers’ license, registration or insurance

  1. Incident Investigation Procedure

Upon an incident occurring, an incident investigation is to be completed using the incident investigation form.

  1. Assess the situation – This will determine the extent of the incident and what needs to take place, and who may conduct the investigation.
  2. Gather physical evidence – Photographs and/or diagram of the area. All information is vital so please remember to include all areas involved and anything you may feel may be relevant. Review documentation to ensure all hazards and any relevant information was documented and discussed.
  3. Interview all that was involved including witnesses – Full description including witness statements, focus on asking the W’s. What happened, Who was involved, Why did this happen, Where id this occur, When did this occur, Who was involved, Why did this happen and underlying causes should be incorporated, including factors that may be relevant leading up to the time of the incident.
  4. Check background information – This may include and hazard assessments, maintenance records, near missed, training records, past incident reports This information may help you in determining why this occurred.
  5. Recommended corrections – Incorporate all the information you have gathered for determining appropriate corrective actions. This may include engineering controls be put in place or corrected, correcting administrative controls, or implementing new ones and lastly implementing or correcting the personal protective equipment.

Determine costs – It is important to determine the total cost of an incident. The cost reflects the financial burden put on the company and helps aid in management in determining which corrective recommendations will be implemented and in which order.

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