Management & Leadership Commitment


a. Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy

Our Commitment
Rohde & Liesenfeld, as a Global Logistics Service Provider, is committed to implement, enforce and promote relevant best practices and processes to:

  • Promotion and Maintenance of Physical, Psychological and social well-being of workers
  • Prevent workplace incidents, injuries, illness and disease
  • Protect workers and others in the vicinity of the workplace from conditions adverse to their health and safety
  • Protect worker rights without discriminatory action or reprisal to: 
    • Know about health and safety hazards 
    • Participate in OHS
    • Refuse dangerous work
  • Create a healthy, safe and secure workplace to its employees and involved stakeholders
  • Protect the integrity of projects’ and customers’ cargo and assets
  • Prevent, monitor and reduce projects’ impacts on Eco-systems and local communities
  • Comply with all health, safety, security and environmental regulations and standards applicable

Our Objective
Rohde & Liesenfeld will continuously develop, maintain and improve management process to effectively organize, plan, control and monitor projects’ related health, safety, security and environmental risks. In line with core business practices and policies, Rohde & Liesenfeld will:

  • Develop and maintain an integrated Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) management system that establishes responsibilities, targets, monitoring methods and a review process of HSSE performances
  • Follow-up, assess periodically and ensure projects’ operation compliance with regards to applicable local and international regulations
  • Conduct systematically, before projects’ commencement, and exhaustive HSSE Risk identification/assessment and define a relevant and realistic risk mitigation plan
  • Provide professional and resources to achieve the specific projects’ HSSE objectives, provide adequate arrangements to communicate and promote best practices sharing and HSSE awareness
  • Provide relevant HSSE information, instruction, orientation and training required to cover projects’ scope of work and comply with applicable local mandatory and contract requirements
  • Provide and maintain safe, secure and healthy workplaces including adequate welfare facilities, suitable and properly maintained equipment
  • Consider and respect our internal and external stakeholders and support innovation in environmental performance with involvement of our stakeholders
  • Set and monitor HSSE relevant leading and lagging indicators to follow up performance
  • Enforce standards to projects’ subcontractors and suppliers, periodically evaluate their conformance to HSSE projects’ requirements (organization, process, staff and equipment) an d follow up corrective and preventative actions completion and efficiency
  • Support our customers with environmental solutions as part of Integrated Logistics Solutions and adhere to Rohde & Liesenfeld policy and commitments to reduce our environmental footprint
b. Roles & Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Protect Rohde & Liesenfeld employees, contractors, clients, general public and the environment from potential incidents
  • Ensure that the company Safety Policy is posted where all employees and visitors can read it
  • Review the Safety Manual on an annual basis
  • Participate in and record safety meetings
  • Provide employee safety training and company/job orientation
  • Investigate incidents and near misses, completing written reviews for each
  • Ensure that the company Safety Policy and all Government Acts and Regulations are followed and complied with by all employees and visitors to our workplace


  • Ensure specific jobsite safety procedures are in place
  • Hold a pre-job safety meeting
  • Conduct safety meetings on a regular basis, recording the minutes and submitting them to the appointed company Safety Personnel
  • Have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to answer workers requests for WHMIS
  • Be knowledgeable in all applicable acts, regulations and codes
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action when confronting a worker in non-compliance of safety regulations and policies
  • Be aware of existing hazards, potential hazards and generated hazards, providing safe work conditions for all workers under his/her supervision
  • Provide specific safety orientation for employees at work place or jobsite

Employees and Subcontractors

  • Comply with all company safety policies and applicable government acts and regulations
  • Read and understand Rohde & Liesenfeld HSSE Manual
  • Report any unsafe acts or hazards
  • Ensure the health and safety for themselves and their fellow workers
  • Wear and comply with all applicable and appropriate personal protective clothing and
  • Be familiar with their right and responsibility to refuse any unsafe Any worker must refuse to carry out any work if, on reasonable and probable grounds, they believe that there exists an imminent danger or immediate threat to their own or anyone else’s health and safety or to the environment, persons or property
c. Rights & Responsibilities 

Three Basic Rights

All employees and sub-contractors of Rohde & Liesenfeld, have three specific health and safety rights guaranteed by law. These rights are:

  1. The Right to Know – Workers have the right to know about the hazards of their job.

Rohde & Liesenfeld have compiled all the known hazards of your job and how to control them, using Standard Job Procedures, Safe Work Practices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In addition, you are protected by the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). WHMIS legislation and WHMIS training by Rohde & Liesenfeld provides the worker with:

  • Labels on containers of hazardous materials
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) with additional information
  • Education and training so that you will understand the hazards of the substances you work with
  1. The Right to Participate – Workers are the key to identifying and correcting health and safety You will be encouraged to participate in Tool Box Meetings and other safety related processes. You are expected to tell your supervisor of any concerns you may have about your health and safety.
  1. The Right to Refuse Work – Workers have the right, and in fact an obligation to refuse to undertake hazardous When you refuse work that you believe is likely to endanger you, report the problem to your supervisor to determine a satisfactory resolution of the problem. There will be no harmful repercussions for this action, when undertaken with good intentions.

All workers will be trained on work refusal procedures at time of new hire orientation. This obligation is more fully defined in the OH&S Act, Section 35, which reads:

35(1) No Worker shall:

a) carry out any work if, on reasonable and probable grounds, the worker believes that there exists an imminent danger to the health or safety of that worker,

b) carry out any work if, on reasonable and probable grounds, the worker believes that it will cause to exist an imminent danger to the health or safety of that worker or another worker present at the work site, or

c) operate any tool, appliance or equipment if, on reasonable and probable grounds, the worker believes that it will cause to exist an imminent danger to the health or safety of that worker or another worker present at the work

(2) In this section, “imminent danger” means in relation to any occupation

a) a danger that is not normal for that occupation, or

b) a danger under which a person engaged in that occupation would not normally carry out the person’s work.

In accordance with this act, the worker must report immediately to his/her supervisor, providing his reason for not carrying out the work. Upon notification related work must stop and will not resume until the supervisor investigates and takes immediate action to eliminate the imminent danger. The investigation and actions taken to resolve the issue  shall be documented.

If, following the investigation and the actions taken by the supervisor to eliminate the danger, the worker still believes that imminent danger exists; he may pursue the matter in accordance with the legislation.

Jan Beringer January 4, 2022

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