Personal Protective Equipment Policy



Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada mandates that employees utilize adequate personal protective equipment where necessary in the performance of their duties. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be selected through completion of a job hazard assessment or development of a safe work practices and safe job procedures. Management shall ensure that employees are adequately trained and that assigned PPE is worn when required.

Employees shall use assigned PPE when called for by the hazard assessment, safe work practice, safe job procedures, or otherwise outlined by legislated standards. Employees will adhere to the higher standard directed by client requirements. PPE shall be maintained by the employee in a clean, sanitary and usable condition.

The necessary basic PPE includes but is not limited to: hard hats, approved safety boots with ankle support, Nomex IIIA coveralls, traffic vests, safety glasses, and any other specialized PPE as required on worksites or by OH&S regulations.

Hazards that will determine PPE are as follows:

  • Workers exposed to eye hazards must wear eye protection,
  • Workers exposed to foot hazards must wear foot protection,
  • Workers exposed to head hazards must wear protective head gear,
  • Workers exposed to hand hazards must wear glove.
  • Workers exposed to skin hazards must wear protective clothing.
  • Workers exposed to noise hazards must wear hearing protection.

All employees are trained on the selection, use, and care of PPE at time of new hire orientation.  Employees involved in work that requires specialized PPE shall be trained prior to use. PPE shall be inspected daily prior  to use and taken out of service when defects are noted.

All PPE used by this company shall conform to OH&S Regulations and relevant Safety Standards.

Visitors shall be provided appropriate PPE when visiting a hazardous area.

Any employee who is found to be in violation of our PPE policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including dismissal.

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