Preventative Maintenance Policy



All tools, vehicles, and equipment shall be properly maintained so as to reduce the risk of injuries to employees or damage to property. All inspections will be carried out as per manufacturer specifications and legislation. Records of all the inspections and maintenance will be kept in the correct files.

Rhode & Liesenfeld Canada has an established inventory on all company owned equipment. This inventory is to be kept current at all times. When any new equipment is purchased it will be added to ensure up to date records.

Rhode & Liesenfeld Canada is also committed to provide equipment that is free of obvious defects and will only supply equipment that will safely perform the function and only use equipment what it was intended or designed for. Further, only equipment of adequate strength for task will be used.

Supervision shall ensure that all preventative maintenance is carried out by qualified personnel, according to applicable regulations, standards, and manufacturers specifications.

All employees shall check all tools, vehicles, and equipment before working with them. Employees shall take out of service any tools, vehicles, or equipment that pose a hazard due to need of repair or have a missing safeguard. No tool, vehicle, or equipment shall be returned to service until properly repaired by qualified personnel and repairs are properly documented.

Vehicles, equipment, and tools that have been tagged out of service shall not be used until deemed safe to operate by a designated competent person. Out of service tags can be obtained through the shop if an individual identifies an unsafe vehicle or piece of equipment.

Rhode & Liesenfeld Canada dictates that no one shall operate or permit another person to operate a commercial vehicle if that vehicle or its equipment is in a condition that is likely to cause damage to person or property.  Should any vehicle be deemed to be inoperable, the driver must immediately notify their direct supervisor.

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