Subcontractor Management & Pre-Qualification Policy


Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all employees and contractors. Rohde & Liesenfeld is intent to employ contractors whose management & leadership commitment and HSSE management system have demonstrated superior performance results. 

Subcontractors Pre-Access Requirements:

Subcontractors are required to complete sub-contractor questionnaire prior to being awarded any significant work with Rohde & Liesenfeld. Responses on questionnaire will be reviewed by senior management and designated safety representative to determine risk associated with potential sub-contractor. Based on risk, Rhode & Liesenfeld may approve sub-contractor for work immediately without additional requirements or conditions; approve with additional requirements or conditions; or decline sub-contractor for work.

Subcontractor Pre-qualification form will be used to verify information, which includes:

  • proof of Workers compensation and WCB rate
  • Safety Program
  • Environmental Program
  • Training and Competency Records
  • Safety statistics and Incident records
  • Insurance and liability information
  • Gap closure between subcontractor and Client/ Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada Safety programs.

Subcontractor Management Systems:

 In the event that a subcontractor does not have a health and safety manual, the contractor is responsible for making sure the subcontractor is aware of applicable Health and Safety policies, procedures and regulations that apply to work scope.

If Subcontractor does not have a health and safety manual, employees of subcontractors will follow the Health and Safety manual of Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada HSSE Management System.

All sub-contractors at minimum are required to comply with their own Health & Safety policies & procedures, Rohde

& Liesenfeld Canada HSSE Management System, Owner/Client requirements, and all applicable government regulatory and legislative requirements. Where more than one standard exist, sub-contractors must comply with the higher or more stringent standard.

For jobs that have specific or high risk tasks or where owner/client dictates, Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada will conduct a pre-job safety start up meeting and review the procedure and processes with contractors, job foremen, Superintendents and workers. Sub-contractors of Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada are required to attend and participate in pre-job meetings, toolbox meetings, hazard assessments.

It is the policy of Rohde & Liesenfeld to have all incidents that result in injury or damage, or that could have the potential to result in injury or damage reported, documented and thoroughly investigation in a timely manner.  This Includes incidents and near misses involving direct hire and subcontractor personnel. The purpose of such investigations shall be to document the root and underlying causes, so that appropriate action can be identified and implemented to prevent recurrences. Incidents owned by subcontractors will have a joint team Investigations with subcontractor supervision and HSE and Rohde & Liesenfeld Supervision and HSE. Sub-contractors of Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada are required to follow incident investigation procedures and actively participate in incident investigations where there is involvement or high potential learnings. Rohde & Liesenfeld will report all incidents involving subcontractors to the hiring client.

Rohde & Liesenfeld will perform a post-Job performance review for sub-contractors to determine the effectiveness of the execution of safety programs, costs, quality, time management, leadership and supervision. These performance reviews will be used in future decisions on subcontractor decisions.

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