Supervisor Commitment

To be a competent supervisor, I need to:

  • Promotion and Maintenance of Physical, Psychological and social well-being of workers
  • Prevent workplace incidents, injuries, illness and disease
  • Protect workers and others in the vicinity of the workplace from conditions adverse to their health and safety
  • Protect worker rights without discriminatory action or reprisal to: 
    • Know about health and safety hazards 
    • Participate in OHS
    • Refuse dangerous work
  • Know and understand my employer’s occupational health and safety program, policies and procedures.
  • Know and tell workers about their health and safety rights and responsibilities.
  • Conduct a formal hazard assessment for the work site.
  • Identify (with help from my workers) hazards and their related controls.
  • Communicate all hazards and related controls to my workers (and management).
  • Complete my required inspections.
  • Communicate relevant safe work practices to my workers.
  • Confirm that my workers have the training, tools and equipment necessary to perform their jobs.
  • Wear/use required personal protective equipment when onsite.
  • Ensure my workers are wearing/using required personal protective on site.
  • Ensure my workers know where to nd information on occupational health and safety at the work site, including related legislation.
  • Do everything in my power to ensure the health and safety of my workers.
  • Lead by example.

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