Training & Orientation



1. Responsibilities

Management is responsible to ensure all new workers and subcontractors are orientated and trained on the processes and procedures related to ensuring the safety of themselves and others while at work.

2. Employee Records

Employee records shall be maintained for each worker and kept confidential containing the following information:

  • Copy of the employees resume outlining work history
  • Copy of signed Package
  • Copy of any valid safety certificates and training
  • Emergency contact information

3. Orientation

Each new worker shall be orientated and trained on Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada Corporate Health & Safety Manual. New workers shall be provided with a copy of the manual to read and an acknowledgment form to sign indicating understanding of the content.

Additionally, the following forms shall be completed:

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy Acknowledgment
  • Violence & Harassment Policy Acknowledgement
  • Emergency Response Training Acknowledgement
  • Personal information and emergency contact information

4. Job Specific Training

All workers are required to be trained in WHMIS as per OH&S regulations. Anyone operating a motor vehicle for work purposes must be qualified and hold a valid drivers’ permit.

Additional training may be required for anyone visiting or working in the field or active worksites, entering onto clients’ property etc. Ensure to check what training requirements and certification are required if any prior to going to a job site outside of the office.

5. Training records

Copies of all training records, including but not limited to those specific to task based safe work practices and operating procedures, safety and training certifications shall be kept in personnel files.

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