Field Visits


General:Protecting workers and public from injury or incident

Application: As per your Job Description

Protective Measures: Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada mandate for PPE based on site and job requirements ERP (Emergency Response Plan)

Supervisor Responsibility: To facilitate and/or provide proper instruction to their workers for field visits. 

Worker Responsibility: 

Ensure PPE is worn as per site requirements, which a minimum shall include safety toed boots, safety glasses and high visibility stripes. Where overhead or falling hazard exist, hard hat must be worn. Arms and legs must be covered by means of a minimum full length pants and long sleeved shirt. When handling materials appropriate gloves are to be worn.


Participate in site meetings including but not limited to Pre-job safety meeting, Tailgate/Tool box meeting, Site hazard assessments, Job Safety Analysis etc.


Complete a Field Level Hazard Assessment prior to beginning work and record on the FLHA form.

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