General: Protecting workers from injuries associated with work in various environments..

Application: As per your Job Description 

Protective Measures: 

  • Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada mandate for PPE based on site and job requirements ERP (Emergency Response Plan)

Supervisor Responsibility: To facilitate and/or provide proper instruction to their workers on protection requirements and training

Worker Responsibility:

Many injuries result from poor housekeeping. Improper storage of materials and cluttered work areas are not safe. To maintain a clean, hazard free workplace, all groups – management, supervisors, and workers must cooperate in keeping the work place free of debris and garbage.

  1. Work locations, vehicles and buildings shall be kept clean and orderly at all times
  2. Combustible materials, such as oil soaked rags and waste, shall be kept in approved metal containers
  3. Floors and work areas shall be kept free of dangerous projections or obstructions and shall be maintained reasonably free form oil, grease, or water
  4. Materials and supplies shall be stored in an orderly manner so as to prevent their falling or spreading and o eliminate tripping and stumbling hazards
  5. Materials and supplies shall not be stored in such manner that blocks access to fire equipment or exits
  6. Waste material and debris should be removed form work and access areas on a regular basis, or at least once daily
  7. Garbage containers should be used on jobsites as required

If you see debris lying around that could be a hazard, stop and pick it up and dispose of it properly, or tell a supervisor of the hazard before it creates a more serious problem that could lead to physical harm or property damage

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