Journey Management Plan

The Purpose of the Journey Management Plan is to ensure the health and safety of workers that are required to travel an extended distance for work purposes. Workers traveling further than a 300km radius from point of dispatch must comply with the Journey Management Plan as outlined below:


  1. Ensure that a journey management plan is available and reviewed annually
  2. Ensure that a copy of the journey management plan is readily available to all
  3. Ensure where practicable, other safer means of travel are considers, such as air, train, etc.
  4. Ensure workers know that they have the authority to stop work if unsafe conditions exist
  5. Ensure that there is a reliable method of communication with the traveler
  6. Ensure that road side emergency kits are provided, during winter months this shall also include winter survival kit
  7. Clearly communicate the journey management plan with affected workers
  8. Ensure road travel is only taken when necessary
  9. Avoid dispatch of workers in adverse weather conditions when practicable
  10. Whenever practicable, road travel shall be completed during daylight hours
  11. Prior to taking a trip to an unfamiliar location, clear driving directions are provided which may include a map
  12. Include scheduled rest stops in journey management plan
  13. Indicate if there will be any required documentation for hazardous loads in the journey management plan


  1. Clearly understand the expectations outlined in the journey management plan
  2. Abide by the expectations and requirements of the journey management plan
  3. Obtain a copy of the journey management plan, and retain this until the trip is complete
  4. Phone on to immediate supervisor and provide the following information when travel plans exceed 300km distance radius:
    • Dispatch location
    • Route of Travel
    • Destination point
    • Expected time during travel
    • Travel means, flight number, train number etc. if applicable
    • Scheduled rest stops
    • Expected end of travel and check in time
    • Expected weather conditions or any other known travel
    • If any other persons will be accompanying
  5. Abide by all legislative and company rules
  6. Follow fatigue management guidelines



Supervisors and workers should remain in communication as per the instructions laid out in the journey management plan. Deviation or changes in the journey management plan should be immediately communicated to the direct supervisor.

At the end of the journey requiring a journey management plan, the worker is to notify the supervisor or designated person of such completion of journey.

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