Load Securement

Application: As per your Job Description

General:Protecting workers and public from injury or incident

Protective Measures: Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada mandate for PPE based on site and job requirements ERP (Emergency Response Plan)

Supervisor Responsibility: To facilitate and/or provide proper instruction to their workers on load securement requirements

Worker Responsibility:

The safe operation of a vehicle must include a properly secured load. It is an offense to operate any vehicle with a load that has not been correctly and adequately secured.

You must ensure the load will not escape or fall from the vehicle. It must be secured in such way that it cannot shift or sway to affect the operation of the vehicle. The regulations specify the number of tie downs and the maximum allowable distance between the adjacent tie downs for exterior loads. Also specified are the minimum tie down strength, covers for loose loads, dunnage between specific loads, and the securement of cargo.

Proper load securement also includes cleaning all loose material off sideboards or trucks and trailers and cleaning end gates and hitches. Any miscellaneous items resting on fuel tank must be adequately secured before movement.

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