Observing Unloading/Loading Procedures


  • Personnel shall not walk under suspended loads, or equipment components. Loads shall not be left suspended while the equipment is unattended.
  • Care must be taken around pinch points of large equipment. Swing areas or other potential pinch points shall be barricaded. All warning placards on the machines must be legible, read and followed.
  • The boom of cranes or other mobile equipment with booms (i.e., Lift Trucks, AWP‘s, etc.) must be retracted and lowered in accordance with manufacturer specifications before travelling and/or during storage.
  • Any rigging used to pull or tow equipment must be marked accordingly and only used for that purpose. Towing procedures shall be developed and implemented for all project locations and JHA‘s developed for all such equipment.
  • Equipment with poor visibility or oversized loads shall be moved or "spotted" with the assistance of a signal person.
  • Heavy equipment shall be parked at least one width of the equipment from other equipment when parking side by side, and at least two lengths of the equipment being parked when parking front to back.
  • When mounting or dismounting equipment, clean boots and hands before climbing. Always use handrails, grab rails, and steps. Maintain a three-point contact with steps and handholds. Never jump on or off equipment. Never attempt to mount or dismount a moving machine. Do not use steering wheel or control levers as a handhold.
  • Ground employees who may be working near machinery must be trained in, understand, and practice safe procedures for equipment/vehicles. Ground employees and equipment operators acknowledge each other‘s task and positioning by signing onto each FLHA.
  • When a flag person is used, the equipment will not be moved unless the designated flag-person giving the signal is in full view of the operator
  • Personnel shall not walk or position themselves between running equipment and stationary objects.
  • Workers on foot must not approach equipment/vehicle until the operator is signaled and acknowledges the location of the approaching worker(s).
  • Personnel shall not perform repairs/maintenance on equipment or equipment components suspended by hydraulic pressure.
  • Work shall only be done on equipment or components that are safely blocked or secured to prevent movement.
  • Personnel shall stay away from cables or ropes at least 1.5 times the distance (on all sides) of the length of the cable or ropes being used to pull other equipment.

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