Office Safety

General: Protecting workers from injuries associated with working in an office environment.

Application: As per your Job Description 

Protective Measures: 

  • Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada mandate for PPE based on site and job requirements ERP (Emergency Response Plan)
  • Alberta Fire Code
  • MSDS

Supervisor Responsibility: To facilitate and/or provide proper instruction to their workers on protection requirements and training

Worker Responsibility:

  1. Ensure you are familiar with emergency procedures
  2. Ensure that all electrical cords are in good condition and are not overloaded
  3. Ensure that computer monitors are adjusted to correct height and kept clean
  4. Ensure fans/space heaters are used as per manufacturers specifications
  5. Ensure floors and aisles are kept clear and not cluttered
  6. Ensure that not more than one drawer of filing cabinet is open at one time and that drawers are closes when not in use
  7. Ensure proper type of extinguisher is readily available
  8. When transporting materials of heavy nature, ensure trolleys are used properly
  9. Operate microwave ovens and coffee makers in accordance to manufacturers specifications
  10. Ensure chairs are in good repair
  11. Ensure photocopier is maintained according to manufacturers specifications
  12. Ensure rugs are kept clear and in good repair, free of tripping hazards
  13. Ensure paper cutting blade is placed in closed lock position
  14. Ensure all loose clothing is tied back when using paper shredder
  15. Footwear shall be worn at all times


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